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Tournament Rules


NH Gym Rats “Go Hard or Go Home” Tournament Rules – 2016

1)      Spectator Fee: Weekend Pass – $10 ($5 Seniors) or $6/day (8 and under free)

2)      TEAMS SHOULD ARRIVE 20 MINUTES BEFORE SCHEDULED GAME TIME. Team’s failure to put 5 players on the court and be ready to play at the scheduled game time will result in a forfeit.

3)      Protests are NOT allowed. Referee and the tournament official rulings are final.

4)      Each game will consist of two 20-minute halves with running time. Stop time during the last minute of each half. (Running time will continue when there is a lead of 20 or more points.) The only other time the clock will stop during running time will be for a team timeout or an official’s timeout, injury, or delay of game.

5)      There will be a two minute intermission between halves. If necessary adjustments will be made by tournament officials to get back on schedule. Warmup time before games will be at the discretion of the director.

6)      There will be one full and one 30-second timeout per half. Unused timeouts do not carry over.

7)      Overtime is 1 minute stop time and then sudden death. The first team to score a point in overtime will be considered the winner. If within two minutes no team scores a point then the game ends in a tie.

8)      The 7th team foul of each half will result in 1-and-1 situation. The 10th Team foul will result in double bonus situation.

9)      4th grade, 5th grade and all girls divisions will use a 28.5” ball: otherwise a 29.5” ball will be used.

10)   4th and 5th grade divisions will be allowed to jump over the line while shooting free throws.

11)   A player is disqualified on his 5th foul. If a player commits two technical fouls they will be ejected from the game and will be suspended from play for the rest of the tournament. A coach is ejected on his 2nd technical foul and will not be allowed to coach during the remainder of the tournament. If a coach is ejected he/she must leave the gym immediately or the game will be forfeited. Should any team, player(s) or coach be disqualified from tournament play, there will be no refunds.

12)   Full-court press is allowed at all times except for any team who is leading by 20 or more points.

13)   Winners of each Division will play in a Championship game. Winners are determined by (in order):

a)      Pool win/loss record

b)      Overall win/loss record

c)      Head-to-head game result

d)      Fewest points allowed

e)      Coin toss.

14) Championship games will follow the same rules as above.

15) Players participate at their own risk. NH Gym Rats and its sponsors, volunteers, officials, tournament organizers do not assume any liability for injuries incurred.


Most importantly, COACHES, PLAYERS, and SPECTATORS are expected to show
GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. There will be zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship.
Tournaments officials reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the court and prohibit
them from re-entering any tournament locations.


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