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Spring Season

Boston Breakout Results

This weekends tournaments were tough for the NH Gym Rats. In the Northern New England SuperCup, all three teams: Coach Buffum, Coach Maiella, and Coach LaClair finished with 1-2 records. Coach LaClair’s and Maiella’s teams competed against the top two teams in their pool. At the Boston Breakout Team Massiah also battled the two top teams in their pool (LCRI and Mohawk Pride) leaving the tournament with a 0-3 finish.

Coach Switzer’s Wrap-up

Team gathering in Norfolk, MA after impressive 2-1 showing at Boston Breakout – Coach Switzer’s 8th Grade Girls Team

In the same tournament, the NH Gym Rats 8th Grade Girls team traveled to the South Shore for a tough Boston Breakout tournament and faced the eventual tourney finalist, Evolution, for their first game.  Four of The Evolution’s girls could hit from the deep, stretching the Gym Rats defense as well as two post-players who dominated the inside.  The girls kept the game close, down only 10 by half-time.  However the strength of the Evolution complied with the struggling Gym rats offense and defense allowing the opposing team to march away with a 24 point win.

For the second game at the Sports U in Hanover, MA the girls faced what appeared to be the “LA Lakers” (Boston Showstoppers) who out-sized the NH Gym Rats and built an early five point lead.  However that quick lead soon vanished and the NH Gym Rat’s intense full-court press and sound zone offense proved to be too much for the Showstoppers.  By the 10 minute mark NHGR came through with a 12-point lead and then carried a 21-point lead by the half.  The team’s intensity did not stop in the second half, however, as the Gym Rat’s demonstrated some incredible team passing and racked up a team high in assists. They were not going to be intimidated by anyone.  The girls went on for a 45-12 win holding the opposition scoreless in the second half.  It was the BEST start to finish game the girls have played.

On Sunday the same intensity continued against the Metrowest Pride.  The girls jumped out to a 9 point lead in the first 6 minutes and then the play of Abbie Switzer, Emma Tenters, Teagan Kirby, Mylie Aho, Regan Despres and Tess Chamberlin sparked the team to a commanding 20 point lead before the half. The second half the NHGR proved to be way too much for the Pride to be able to adjust to and even with their full court press the offense of the NHGR made the opposition fall back into their 3-2 zone defense the rest of the game.  Chalk up a 31-9 win as the girls had a very successful 2-1 weekend in MA.

Northern New England Super Cup and Boston Breakout Results

April 28-29, 2018

 Boston Break Out

 Team Score  Team
 NH Gym Rats – Massiah 21 43  East Providence Mohawks Elite
 NH Gym Rats – Massiah 27 70  Mohawk Pride Donovan
 NH Gym Rats – Massiah 28 57  LCRI – Matt
 NH Gym Rats – Switzer 16 40  EVO 2022 DH/KQ
 NH Gym Rats – Switzer 45 12  Boston Showstoppers
 NH Gym Rats – Switzer 31 09  Metrowest Pride

 Northern NE Super Cup

 Team Score  Team
 NH Gym Rats – LaClair 16 48  Marauders
 NH Gym Rats – LaClair 45 58  TSC AAU
 NH Gym Rats – LaClair 31 51  Cap City White – Wood
 NH Gym Rats – Maiella 35 58  Cap City Red – Joey
 NH Gym Rats – Maiella 41 61  Green Mountain Raptors
 NH Gym Rats – Maiella 56 48  Haverhill Hoops
 NH Gym Rats – Buffum 56 62  Haverhill Hoops
 NH Gym Rats – Buffum 21 46  Green Mountain Raptors
 NH Gym Rats – Buffum 59 24  Hanover Heat


NEXT UP: ZG’s NH State Championships – Teams from all over the state of New Hampshire will be together in the gym this weekend, vying for the chance to raise up the state championship trophy! Schedules are typically released the Wednesday before the tournament begins. Here is the Schedule.

DATES: May 5-6, 2018

TEAMS COMPETING: Two of our 8th Grade Boys teams: Coach LaClair and Coach Massiah. Coach Switzer’s 8th Grade Girls will also compete

LOCATION: Derry, Hampton and Nashua, NH



Kendall Chamberlain spots up for a 3 – Coach Switzer’s 8th Grade Girls Team


Gracey Wilkes eyes the jump ball at the start of the Boston Showstoppers game – Coach Switzer’s 8th Grade Girls Team

All teams competing this weekend at Boston Breakout and Northern New England Challenge

NEXT UP: Boston Breakout Challenge – More than 350 teams from the Northeast competed. Schedules are typically released the Wednesday before the tournament begins.

DATES: April 28-29, 2018

TEAMS COMPETING: Coach Switzer’s 8th Grade Girls Team & Coach Massiah’s 8th Grade Boys Team

LOCATION: MetroWest/South Shore Massachusetts

NEXT UP: Northern New England Supercup -The Zero Gravity SuperCup series makes its second stop of the spring in New London, Concord and Manchester, New Hampshire for the Northern New England SuperCup. Schedules are typically released the Wednesday before the tournament begins.

DATES: April 28-29, 2018

TEAMS COMPETING: Coach Buffum’s, LaClair’s and Maiella’s 8th Grade Boys

LOCATION: New London/Concord/Manchester, NH



Northern New England Showdown

NH Gym Rats 8th Grade Girls entered the Northern Showdown with just eight players as one of the team, Regan Despres, was on a family vacation.  In the first game on Saturday the Gym Rats played against Maine’s substantially taller YES team. Despite a height mismatch, the girls kept it a close game managing to score 6 points in the second half and ending this one with a loss 22-29.


In the second game against the Northeast Thunder, our girls, utilizing a full-court press right out of the gate, stifled the opposition. Kendall Chamberlain hit 2 three-pointers while Teagan Kirby, Mylie Aho and Gracey Wilkes had big contributions.  Tess Chamberlin’s defensive play had a big impact on the game helping the girls win 42-22.


On Sunday the team played against the Spartans House of Hoops at their home court in Hampton, NH.  It was a fantastic see-saw game with several lead changes.  Bella Hayes directed the offense in the first half giving the Gym Rats a comfortable 6 point lead by half time.  The second half proved to be the most exciting half the girls have played this season.  The team, lead by Mylie Aho was not only a force on offense but defense as well, playing the entire court. In the last 5 minutes of the game, “squirrel”  (Abbie Switzer) shut the Spartan guards down. With less than two minutes in the game, newcomer Emma Tenters hit a huge layup to put the team up by 5 points.  The Spartans followed up with a quick basket of their own cutting the lead to 3. The Gym Rats were able to take 50 seconds off the clock before Teagan Kirby was fouled and made two clutch free throws returning the lead again to 5 with only 20 seconds left.  A missed jump shot by the Spartans and another rebound by the Gym Rats sealed the exciting game for the win 38-33.


Buzzer Beater Classic – Gym Rat’s teams Maiella and LaClair

Coach LaClair and Coach Maiella competed in the April 14-15th Zero Gravity Buzzer Beater Classic playing in Nashua and Massachusettes venues.

Coach Maiella’s 14u Boys finished the Buzzer Beater Classic tournament winning their pool 3-0. They finished Game One with Gym Rats 40 vs NH fire ending at 19.  Though the NH Gym Rats had a slow start in the first half – up by 5 only – the second half showed this team’s muscle finishing strong and playing like a family. In the other two games, NH Gym Rats beat Cap City 54-13 and defeated TSC AAU 51 to 18.

Coach LaClairs 14u Boys fought hard against B2L-Morris but finished with a loss 38-58. Hunter Larocque had 26 points in the first game and kept the team close with five 3’s in five consecutive possessions — super impressive at any level. Game Two ended with a narrower spread but the team couldn’t pull it out against #2 MV Eagles 34-41.

NEXT UP: ZG’s Northern Showdown – Some of the top teams in the northeast battle for the win. Schedules are typically released the Wednesday before the tournament begins. SEE SCHEDULE

DATES: April 21-22, 2018

TEAMS COMPETING: Coach Switzer’s 8th Grade Girls team

LOCATION: The Rim and Sports Barn in Hampton, NH



8th Grade Coach LaClair’s Team


Rebounding (Game 1 – 8th Grade Coach Maiella’s team)


Shooting a three! (Game 1 – 8th Grade Coach Maiella’s team)


(Game 2 – 8th Grade Coach Maiella’s team)


With a big block. (Game 2 – 8th Grade Coach Maiella’s team)


(Game 2 – 8th Grade Coach Maiella’s team)


Setting the defense. (Game 2 – 8th Grade Coach Maiella’s team)


NH Gym Rats announce additional 8th Grade Boys Team

Coach Stacey Massiah and 8 young men join the NH Gym Rats spring season. Players from Coach Massiah’s team come from Keene, Spofford and Fitzwilliam and will compete in 5 tournaments:

  • 4/28-29 Boston Breakout- MA Metro West/ Southshore
  • 5/5-6 NH States- Hampton, NH
  • 5/12- Mother’s Day-Nashua/ Westford, MA
  • 5/19-20- Kollision in Keene
  • 6/2-3- Blast at the Beach- Hampton, NH/ Danvers, MA

NH Gym Rats Coach Buffum’s 8th-Grade Team Battles at The Rim

In single-day competition NH Gym Rats 8th Grade Boys and Coach Buffum played in 3 games starting at 8am at The Rim Sports Complex in Hampton, NH. The Rats battled three teams: North Shore Sports Academy – Lou; Northeast Elite – Freeman and Next Level Athletics – Murphy. NH Gym Rats finished in third place in their pool with a 1-2 record beating Next Level Athletics – Murphy by 12 points with a final score of 57-45.



NEXT UP: ZG’s Buzzer Beater Challenge – this is an all-boys competition with teams coming from all over New England. Schedules are typically released the Wednesday before the tournament begins.

DATES: April 14-15, 2018

TEAMS COMPETING: Two of our 8th Grade Boys teams: Coach LaClair and Coach Maiella

LOCATION: The Millworks in Westford, MA and Nashua Sports Academy in Nashua, NH

First Tournament Results – Zero Gravity’s Easter One Day Clash at the Border

ZG’s Easter 1-Day Clash

Two NH Gym Rat teams were out competing yesterday (Saturday 3/31/18) in Nashua, Hampton and Westford, Mass. Both teams finished with one win apiece in this one-day, two-game tournament.

Coach Buffum and his 14u Boys played against C4-Denton and Derry Spartans-Gold for a 1-1 tournament finish.  C4-Denton was a tough competitor as they where the team that went on to take the top spot in this division. Final Score 33-68. For the win, Rats handily defeated Derry Spartans-Gold with an ending score of 57-37.

NH Gym Rats 8th Grade Girls and Coach Switzer played in their first tourney of the season facing two Northeast Elite teams – Smith and Szczepanik.  In their  first game of the season the Gym Rats – being a little nervous – struggled in the first half scoring 6 with a half-time deficit of 12 points.  The second half showed more action but the Northeast Elite proved to be too much.  In the evening game against Northeast Elite-Smith, the Gym Rats scored the first 8 points of the game along with a tenacious full-court press that allowed them to build an early 15 point lead by the halfway mark.  The second half, however, proved to be too much for the Northeast Elite as the Gym Rat’s crisp passing and man-to-man defense was too tough for the opposition as the Gym Rats went on to win 48-24.  Every player on the roster scored in the final game including newcomer Emma Tenters.

NH Gym Rats 8th Grade Girls first tournament at ZG’s Easter 1 Day Clash at the Border.


NEXT UP: ZG’s Battle for the Border pins Massachusetts and New Hampshire teams locking horns in this Spring 2018 Battle for the Border! Schedules are typically released the Wednesday before the tournament begins.

DATES: April 7-8, 2018

TEAMS COMPETING: Coach Buffum 14u Boys

LOCATION: Hampton/Nashua, NH; Westford/Danvers, MA


Spring Tournament List

We currently have four teams registering for tournaments in this Spring’s 2018 AAU season.

There are three 14u Boys teams (two in the Keene/Claremont area and one in Peterborough/Jaffrey) as well as one 8th Grade Girls team in the Marlborough area.

Here are the list of tournaments that these teams will be attending during this season (they each will attend 4-6 of these tournaments):

3/31 Easter Clash 1-day Hampton, Nashua
4/7-8 Battle of Border – Nashua/Hampton, Danvers/Westford
4/14-15 Buzzer Beater- Nashua & Westford MA
4/21-22 Northern Showdown – Hampton, Danvers
4/28-29 Northern NE Super Cup – New London, NH; Colby Sawyer
4/28-29 Boston Breakout – South Shore
5/5-6 NH States- Hampton, NH
5/12 Mothers Day – 1 day Nashua
5/19-20 Keene Kollision
5/19-20 A Shot For Life – Westford, Boston, Milton
6/2-3 Keene Throwdown

2018 Spring Update

Apologies to everyone for this site going dark since last Spring 2017.

In the summer of 2017 our small 6 member board got even smaller as several folks resigned for very good and varied reasons.

The current board consists of three folks: Rhiannon Hart, Peter Switzer and Paul Belliveau. These folks are responsible for all functions of the Club – organizing teams, recruiting coaches, managing registrations, payments, AAU membership, taxes, commutations, operations and the like. It’s a goodly amount of work and we decided to pull back the load by limiting the amount of teams in the fall. We had hoped to grow the NH Gym Rats management team between the fall 2017 and spring 2018 seasons but the momentum of the season’s activities and with the annual holidays it just never happened.



We fielded four teams consisting of 33 players and attended 16 tournaments in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We had three returning coaches and welcomed two new coaches.

Returning Coaches:

  • Coach Scott Buffum – 13u Boys
  • Coach Peter Switzer – 7th Grade Girls
  • Coach Chris LaClair – 12u Boys

New Coaches:

  • Coach Jimmy Maiella and Ben MacArthur – 14u Boys


We did not hold tryouts again this season due to limited organizational resources. We are planning on fielding 3-4 teams and are waiting on final confirmations.

LOOKING AHEAD – We need your help.

We are seeking to add board and working members to help organize and guide our Club into future seasons.

We also are looking for qualified coaches so we can field additional teams. We had a lot more calls from players/parents this season than in the fall looking for teams but we had no coaches.

We will return to advertising and holding tryouts for Fall 2018 in mid- to late-August. The final tryout date for Fall 2018 will be announced before the end of this spring season.

We can use your help – Please

  • We need to add at least four new board members to help guide the club.
    • quarterly 2 hour meetings
    • accessibility and willingness to help on occasional special projects
    • available for periodic advice outside of meeting time
  • We need to add several folks to help with organizing the club.
  • If you have an interest in basketball and a desire to help local youths, please the list below of positions we are looking for :
  • Board Members
    1. Background/experience in non-profit finance
    2. Background/experience in marketing
    3. Background/experience in organizing/coordinating fundraising
  • Operations
    1. Background/experience in coordinating social and website communications
    2. Background/experience in organizing and mobilizing volunteers for fundraising
    3. Background/experience in bookkeeping

Please contact us at if you are interested in building our club and helping local kids.

Our website will be updated every two weeks on Sunday. Next update Sunday March 4th.


Listed below are the 2017 Spring NH Gym Rats Rosters

*Look at all teams for your name.  Do not just look at the age group you tried out for.  Jersey Numbers will be posted at a later date.  Once you see your name listed please go to the Uniform link to order your uniform if you need one.  All teams are required to wear a complete Black & White Nike Uniforms which include 1 white Jersey 1 black Jersey and 1 black pair of shorts.  No substitutions are allowed.

If you are ordering a new uniform and do not have a number beside your name you must email Sean Ryan at three (1 or 2 digit please look at existing numbers on the team) number choices by 9:00am Monday morning January 31st. If you already have a uniform but no number is listed beside your name please email Sean your player’s name, coach’s name, and number on the jersey. Unfortunately we have several players that have moved up or onto different teams that have duplicate numbers. We will be contacting the parents of these players directly.

7th Grade Girls – Coaches B. Springfield & Switzer
Abbie Switzer #25
Bella Hayes #21
Brynn Rautiola #3
Gracey Wilkes #31
Kendall Chamberlain #5
Megan Bunce #23
Mylie Aho #13
Regan Despres #2
Teagan Kirby #10

9th Grade Girls – Coaches Troy & Wilson
Autumn Cummings #00
Gabrielle Dionne #30
Josie Switzer #25
Kirsten Farhm #23
Kusum Aryal #12
Meghan Mecheski #7
Sarah Smith #33
Sierra Fulcher #11
Zandy Fitzpatrick #21

10th Grade Girls – Coaches Chamberlain & Wilson
Erika Farhm #23
Kalli Taylor #22
Mariah Chamberlain #25
Mayzie Hunter #15
Rian Soucia #14
Zoey Loupa #11
Stella Davis #12
Silas Bernier #20
Taylor Banish #5
Maddy White #34

11U Boys – Coach Dan LeClair
Brady LeClair
Dawson Rounds
Matthew Warner
AJ Regan
Carter Hillock
(Number assignments will be listed tomorrow)
Still in process of building the 11U Boys team.

12U Boys – Coach Jim Hill
Finn Hayes #13
Gabe Hill #5
Griffin Beede #10
Hunter LaRocque #12
Kayden LaClair #3
Lucas Malay #14
Wyatt Duval #30
Austin Wyman #23
Anthony Poanessa #3

12U Boys – Coach Scott Buffum
Christian Buffum #1
Dylan Barthel #33
Joesph Gutwein #3
Louis LaFleur #23
Malachi Page #5
Matthew Belliveau-Ryan #30
Noah Stewart #55
Owen Michaels #8
Owen McGuire
Zander Carignan

14U Boys – Coach Ariya Nozary
Erich Clark #10
Hayden Ketola #6
Haydn Heath
Nicholas Maiella #23
Isaiah Michaels #4
Joseph Sogno #13
Kyler Tremblay #11
Tyler Harrington
Wyatt Davis #14

15U Boys  – Coaches Dave Springfield & Bill Johnston
Anthony Gauthier #2
Connor Hart #22
Jaydon Belliveau-Ryan #33
Liam Johnston #23
Peyton Springfield #35
Wyatt Switzer #20
Zachary Barthel #45

16U Boys – Coach Wiley Billings
Benjamin Henry #3
Cole Lambert #11
Jacob Zina #12
Jonas Finser #10
Joshua Gammel
Logan Thibault #2
Max Richard #5
Nathan Long #22
Kohen Olson #23